2019 Partners


Expertise Partner:

MedPharm is the world leading specialist pharmaceutical development company, committed to the creation and development of bespoke topical and transdermal formulations for application to the skin, nail, mucous membranes, eye, nose and lung. Alongside developing its own patented dermal drug delivery technologies, MedPharm uses its experience to support customers through regulatory approval previously resulting in biowaivers for generic submissions from regulatory authorities and marketing authorisations for over 60 products in the US and Europe.



Innovation Partner:

Fluicell provides easy-to-use microfluidics to enable access to the world of individual cells for drug discovery and biomedical research. The company has a commercialized product portfolio and is developing a unique high-resolution bioprinting technology under the name Biopixlar®. This system generates complex tissue models in vitro primarily for drug screening applications.



Innovation Partner:

RTC leading CRO in Europe with more than 40 years of experience providing high quality in nonclinical research to national and international pharmaceutical companies and health-related organizations. RTC is fully AAALAC accredited and offers a full range of experimental and consultancy services for Pharmaceuticals (Small molecules, Biologicals), Medical Devices, Veterinary Drugs, Food Products, Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Biocides. Studies are performed according to international guidelines and regulations. RTC high standard quality is guaranteed through European, American and Japanese authorities’ approval.




Bioskin is a leading CRO with unique understanding and capabilities for both early and late phase dermatological clinical trials. Recognized by global companies as a valuable partner in studies for drugs, medical devices, food supplements and advanced cosmetics since 1992, bioskin offers early phase safety and Proof-of-Concept studies, vasoconstrictor assays according to FDA guideline, global Phase II – IV trials for NCEs, new formulations with known actives as well as consulting in the field of dermatology.