The 5th Dermatology Drug Development Summit Europe!

Dermatology drug development is seeing unprecedented advances across small molecule and biologic modalities, and as competition grows it had never been more important to stay ahead of the curve of field progress to differentiate your candidates and think beyond approval, to maximise patient access in European markets.

The 5th Dermatology Drug Development Summit Europe returned as a pivotal platform aligning with rapid advancements and emerging needs across inflammatory skin disease treatments, uniting large pharma, pioneering biotechs and academic leaders passionate about bringing novel therapies to patients in need.

As experts gathered to address common challenges and share how novel R&D is rapidly re-shaping therapeutic approaches to expedite drugs addressing complex and heterogenous disease, this was your crucial industry touchpoint for gaining the best picture of the future directions of the field.

Attendees joined for the latest disease pathogenesis insights in Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis, and learn why itch, Prurigo Nodularis, Acne, Hidradenitis Suppurativa & Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria are being increasingly prioritised by pipelines in 2024 – Attendees refined their competitive pipeline strategy for European markets in April 2024!

What did Attendees do:

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Uncovered disease pathogenesis mechanisms revealing new targetable and validating existing targets with Sanofi and AOBiome Therapeutics to spark ideas for innovative new treatment strategies

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Explored successes in preclinically modelling disease and early Phase 1 data with TIRmed Pharma and RAPT Therapeutics, to
implement practical insights and lessons learnt to effectively translate candidates to the clinic

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Discovered how candidates are clinically progressing, with successes in MoA, tissue penetration, endpoint definition and safety from Nektar Therapeutics and Moonlake Therapeutics to boost chances of clinical success

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Heard from clinicians & industry stakeholders on how learnings from clinical practice can improve efficacy and safety in real-world clinical scenarios to maximise patient outcomes and access

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Learned how patient-centric studies are optimising drug delivery and formulation strategies whilst planning ahead for regulatory scrutiny, with Sol-Gel Technologies and Blueberry Therapeutics, to see improved efficacy, adherence and clinical translation success

Who Would You Have Met:

Join key opinion leaders and innovators in the dermatology field, with biotech C-Level executives, pharma medical affairs, commercial strategy, program strategy & R&D directors, and both scientists and clinicians with real-world experience of novel treatments in practice. 

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Why our Speakers were Excited:

Elisabeth Riedl, Associate Professor

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"The 2024 dermatology event is pivotal, aligning with rapid advancements and emerging needs in skin disease treatments. It's will be a key opportunity for academia and industry to collaborate, share research, and shape future dermatological care."

Laurence Cheng, Vice President Clinical Development

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"DDDS Europe presents an ideal opportunity to share our experience in early clinical development and interface with industry peers and thought leaders from around the world as we seek to bring novel therapies to patients in need."

Guido Wuerth, Head of Global Programs

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"Dermatology Drug Development becomes more and more complex and competitive, even in rare skin diseases white spaces nearly do not exist anymore. The more important is it to be up to date in what is going on in the field, how to differentiate your development candidate(s) and thinking not only how to achieve regulatory approval, but also decent return on investment."

Todd Krueger, President and Chief Executive Officer

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"Connecting with industry leaders to discuss and learn about new technologies and approaches to treating dermatological diseases is the primary reason to participate. The line-ups and attendees are the right people in that context."