Pre-Conference Workshop

Monday, 22nd May

Pre-Conference Workshop


Dermatological Development Strategies: Setting Yourself up for Success & Reducing Time to Market

Time to market dermatological drugs can take more than a decade and cost millions with no guarantee of clinical success. Roughly, only one in nine drugs entering clinical trials go through to market. Numerous pain points arise during development including endpoint selection, a challenge which is heightened in the rare disease space. Whether through improved predictive models, better defined clinical endpoints or utilising medical technology, the need to improve the probability of success is huge. In this interactive workshop you will hear opinions of industry experts and share your thoughts in discussion-based breakout sessions.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  •  Discussing the benefits of platform studies and decentralized clinical trial to evaluate their potential in dermatology
  • Identifying disease specific morphological changes to unveil clinically meaningful end points and incorporating patient reported outcomes into dermatological endpoints
  • Important considerations and obstacles that must be addressed to overcome pain points

Workshop Leaders:


Lars Rosendal
Vice President, Global Clinical Operations
LEO Pharma


Neal Koller
Chief Executive Officer
Alphyn Biologics


Kim Domela Kjøller
Chief Executive Officer
Union Therapeutics


Claudia Pena Rossi
Executive Medical Director
Global Development