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Monasterium laboratory

Monasterium laboratory has a strong expertise in research, pre-clinical & clinical services for dermatological, therapeutics and cosmeceuticals applications. Based on our excellent research background, we are specialised in hair and skin physiology and pathology. We provide state-of-art in vitro cell models, ex vivo organ culture models, and in vivo humanised mouse models and cutting-edge techniques for customised assays to answer specific research questions to meet the needs of clients. We work closely with industry to discover specific active ingredients, identify new targets & products for skin and hair treatment.



Exhibition Partner:

Bioskin is a leading CRO with unique understanding and capabilities for both early and late phase dermatological clinical trials. Recognized by global companies as a valuable partner in studies for drugs, medical devices, food supplements and advanced cosmetics since 1992, bioskin offers early phase safety and Proof-of-Concept studies, vasoconstrictor assays according to FDA guideline, global Phase II – IV trials for NCEs, new formulations with known actives as well as consulting in the field of dermatology.



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Zelmic is a CRO dedicated to drug delivery and committed to develop new differentiated products and innovations within topical delivery of small molecules as well as peptides and proteins. We have skilled and highly qualified employees in formulation development, analytical chemistry and intellectual property that can solve (any) formulation issue. We are placed in one of the top science hubs in Europe - Lund, Sweden – with a great network of collaboration partners and consultants.



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